Our Farm is based on the Finaverra peninsula and is surrounded by the waters Galway bay

Rogers’s family has being farming here from the 1830s Roger is the 6th generation to farm this land and now milks dairy 80 cows along with his son Padraig.

He is married to Brid and has three children. As it is a coastal farm it presents many unique challenges. We use the milk of the native Burren shorthorn cow to make our ice cream as she has lovely creamy milk. This is a dairy farm, all our cows give birth to calves in the spring and graze on fresh grass in our fields around the farm throughout the year, Sometimes the cows need to swim into an island to get fresh grazing, our cows are also partial to some seaweed which they can pick at will on the seashore. Brid uses some of the milk and cream produced by the dairy herd to make ice cream which she serves in Café Linnalla, an ice cream parlour which we built on our farm. When you vist the café the cows can be seen grazing in the fields nearby.

We serve the best artisan ice cream made from our farm fresh Milk

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