The largest paraglider airshow in Ireland was held in Finnavarra on Sunday 6th June.

The gliders took off from opposite New Quay Church and provided a great spectacle for anyone walking the Flaggy Shore before landing next to Linnalla Ice-cream for some well deserved treats.

Ger Coughlan from Ballinasloe and Sean Shannon from Bellharbour hosted 25 Para-gliders in Finavarra from all over the country.  The riders hailed from Cavan, West Cork, Dublin and the Midlands.

Sam Gaffeny, a world standard para-glider delighted crowds with many death-defying tricks and stunts.

Many spectators commented that it was a delight to watch and that some of the stunts performed were beyond belief.

Sams Youtube Channel:…/UCz6O3Obwv8-elar83lPn7tg/videos

Orange paraglider against a blue sky. People walking on path beneeth him. Deep blue sean in the background.Person on ground starting engine. Blue and yellow kite in sky.Three orange and yellow paragliders Flying over grey Burren Mountains

Yellow paraglider flying over blue lake (Lough Murree) and green fieldsYellow paraglider flying over Cafe Linnalla. People watching him.yellow paraglider and orange & white paraglider flying over yellow mowed fields Paragliders in the distance. Wooden playground structure in foreground. Grey burren mountain in background.Paraglider flying over blue lake (Lough Murree) in the distanceChildren's playground with burren mountain in distance. Paraglider over the mountain.Yellow paraglider and blue paraglider flying over blue lake. Swans in lake. Orange paraglider flys over blue lake. Yellow mowed Fields and green fields. Paraglider in the distance. Burren wall (grey stones) in foreground. Grey burren mountains in background. Paraglider in distance flying over blue lake.