Linnalla Ice Cream started producing ice cream using fresh milk from their farm in 2006. Initially, WE were supplying ice cream to local businesses within the Geopark but as their popularity grew, they moved further afield to serve various other businesses along the West Coast of Ireland. By 2010, they were selling their ice cream nationwide and families throughout the island of Ireland could enjoy this delicious treat.

We opened an ice cream parlour on our farm to sell their produce directly to customers in 2011. The parlour is based on the western of the Flaggy Shore, which is a very popular walking route in the Geopark that has a beautiful view of Galway Bay. The immense popularity of the parlour led the Linnalla team to withdraw the nationwide distribution of their ice-cream to focus on the customers they could meet and treat in person in their café. The cafe is filled each summer with tourists and locals alike, all enjoying farm produced ice cream in many flavours many picked, foraged or grown here in the Burren. Try the hazelnut ice cream made from wild Burren Hazelnuts.