Celebrate your wedding day with ice cream

Linnalla Pure Irish Ice Cream would be delighted to provide ice cream at your wedding.

Why not surprise and delight your guests with an ice cream after your wedding ceremony, while you are busy with your wedding photographer let your guests relax with a delicious farm fresh ice cream. A large ice cream cone also makes a lovely and novel way to make a wedding toast without the need for alcohol and looks great in a photograph.

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We serve our ice cream from a traditional ice cream cart in a choice of four flavours.


A Sweet Start to Married Life

The ice cream is served in a large waffle cone with a spoon, to avoid drips on your guests clothing. Tubs are provided for gluten free guests.

Ice cream is provided in any flavour of your choice. We advise that you avoid chocolate as it can stain clothing.

Ice cream can be served either at your church or at your venue.

We can custom make the ice cream to meet your wedding theme.

We provide basic white napkins, but can source your desired colour. This incurs a small charge, or  provide your own printed napkins.

We provide this service nationwide. Please contact Bríd for pricing and more information.

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