The Flavour of the Burren

We make a high quality ice cream from the milk from our cows which is fresh and creamy. As our ice cream has the flavour of the Burren in it from the rich green grass that our cows eat,so we try to use as many ingredients as we can from the Burren.

We make a delicious Hazelnut ice cream using the wild hazelnuts that grow here in the Burren also Wildberries, and sloes to make a wonderful sloe Gin ice cream. Apples of course we to makes a lovely ice cream and Apple and Cinnamon at Christmas is to die for. Rhubarb and custard is also great as are all the summer berries. So we follow the seasons of the year in making our ice cream and only use ingredients when they are at peek ripeness to make the best most delicious ice cream.

This gives us a lovely pattern to the year and works well with the farm where following the four seasons of the year is natural .

We supply these flavours in scoop cabinets and to our catering costumers.

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