Linnalla Ice-cream: a study of farming diversification

Through its study into farming systems in the Burren region of Ireland, Eco Innovation has come into contact with Linnalla, a farm run by Brid and Roger Fahy who have diversified from dairy farming into quality ice-cream production.

They use whole milk and cream from their own herd of Short Horn cows, native to the Burren, to create ice cream free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Brid Fahy demonstrating the ice cream maker, with the pasteuriser in the foreground

The farm has traditionally been a dairy yard since the 1800’s, and the decision to diversify into ice cream making was only taken recently by Brid and Roger. Their new business is still evolving, having only been in operation for a year, and the summer of 2007 will be the first major marketing opportunity for them. They sell the ice-cream to speciality stores, restaurants and shops in tourist centres such as the nearby Cliffs of Moher.

In September 2006, some members of Eco Innovation visited Linnalla farm, tasted some of the delicious ice-cream and chatted to Brid and Roger Fahy about their choices to leave behind intensive farming. Read a summary of the interview or see some photos of the farm.

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