Artisian Ice Cream

We make our ice cream with our own milk and  cream , In the mornings we milk our shorthorn cows and use their fresh creamy milk to make beautiful dairy ice cream in lots of different flavours. All our ice cream is egg and gluten free apart from flavours with added biscuit.

The ingredients we use come from many sources we grow some, such as blackcurrants, rhubarb ,apples etc. Some we forage such gorse, blackberries, sloes and hazelnuts. Other ingredients we have to import as sadly they do not grow in Ireland such as vanilla,chocolate,citrus and exotic fruits and nuts.

We try and follow the seasons when using our local ingredients so that our flavours are always in date, we start in the spring with Rhubarb or wild gorse, elderberry or sea buckthorn.

Summer has all the lovely summer fruits such as raspberrys,strawberrys,plums,damsons etc.

The Autumn has the full harvest of the wild sloes, blackberries, hazlenuts, apples, pumpkin and many more so when you visit Cafe Linnalla our display cabinet will serve local, fresh in season ice cream for you to enjoy.

We will of course have all the flavours you know and love such as vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate, caramel, pistachio nut  and many more.

This means that every time you visit Cafe Linnalla we will have a new and different ice cream for you to sample along with your regular favorites.

See our display on making ice cream and the ingredients we use.