Responsible Marketing

Web Based Marketing

Cafe Linnalla aims to use its website as its main marketing campaign

  • Bookings can only be taken on line or in the Cafe
  • Social media sites such as face book
  • E mail slots on special offers.
  • Links and use of other sites such as Good Food Ireland.


  • Word of Mouth, asking B&B and self catering suppliers to tell their guests of Cafe Linnalla.
  • Communicate with other network memberson our product.
  • Use of durable, reusable information cards.
  • Web links to members of Burren eco tourism and other members of our community.


  • Use of phone applications as a information and promotion tool.
  • Blogging is a useful way to communicate descriptions and insights of the Burren.

Cafe Linnalla plans to reduce the amount of printed flyers and any printed  will be on recycled paper.