Green purchasing policy


Café Linnalla purchases products that help minimize environmental impacts, toxics, pollution or help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We try to buy products that are durable and long-lasting, conserve energy and water.

This policy is in place in order to

. Conserve natural resources,

* Minimize environmental impacts such as pollution and use of water and energy,

* Reduce materials that are land filled,

* Support strong recycling policy.

* Identify environmentally preferable products.

* Increase the use and availability of environmentally preferable products.

* Reward manufacturers and vendors that reduce environmental impacts in their products.


Product Make source Discribition amount
Bulbs Solas CFL shop Low energy As required
Toilet paper Lucant eco natural Clare bar supplies Recycled paper Delivered monthly in summer
Washing up liquid Bio D local store Kinvarra Eco friendly  Bring container for refill.
Spray cleaner Lyllys Local store Kinvarra Eco friendly We bring container for a refill.
Toilet cleaner Lyllys Local store in Kinvarra. Eco friendly We bring container for a refill.
Paper towels Lucant eco natural Clare bar supplies Recycled paper Monthly in summer
Serviettes Enviro Pak Internet Recycled tetra packs Buy in bulk
Flower Odlems organic Supervalu Gort organic As required
Coffee & tea Java fair trade Galway coffee company Organic/ fairtrade As nessesary
eggs Free range Annie in Village organic weekly
Milk and cream Fresh From our farm Fresh daily
Ice cream Linnalla Made on site Fresh farm milk daily
Sugar organic Gortrush trading Organic As required in 25kg bags.


We use a steam cleaner for floors and freezers.

We encourage our suppliers to stock eco friendly goods and reduce packaging.

Review Policy annually in terms of cost, effectiveness, waste, and usage,

Staff training protecting the environment.

We ask our Pestguard our pest control supplier that pest control materials used should

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Date ___6/1/2015____linnalla Blue logo

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