About Us

farming-burrenRoger and Brid Fahy farm on the Finaverra peninsula in North Clare in Ireland. It is a small fragmented dairy farm where we milk 48 cows and rear some other cattle.

In 2006 Brid, Roger and their 3 children now young adults decided to start making ice cream with the wonderful milk they produce. Linnalla ice cream is now available to buy nationwide. Many people like to visit us here at our farm where we have an ice cream parlour where we lots of different flavours of ice cream.

Cafe linnalla is just on the flaggy shore on the wild Atlantic way. It is an unique experience on this breathtaking and wild coastline.

The swans that gather on the Flaggy Shore (made famous in the Seamus Heaney ( RIP in 2013) poem ‘Spirit Level’) whose water laps beside the grazing cows of Brid & Roger Fahy give Linnalla Pure Irish Ice cream its name ” Linn-éalla’ meaning Swan Lake.

Traditionally a dairy farm from the mid 1800’s Brid & Roger started making ice cream in 2006 using the milk from their shorthorn cows which are native to the Burren. With fresh cream and wonderful fruits and nuts, as many as possible sourced in the Burren we produce a beautiful artisan ice cream.

2swansWe hope you try our ice cream, enjoy its naturally creamy taste that is free from artificial colouring, flavours, gluten, eggs or preservatives.  Take a trip through the Burren and enjoy its natural beauty that has inspired us in the making of our ice cream. Come visit us at our cafe on the Flaggy shore where a warm welcome awaits you and lots of great ice cream.

Tour groups are welcome. Taste & Enjoy! Brid & Roger

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